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An Orgasm is good but a Wegasm is the Ultimate in Intimacy!


Any kind of orgasm is pretty awesome, but without a doubt, the pinnacle of peaking is the simultaneous BIG O or Wegasm, to borrow a term coined by the condom connoisseurs at Durex. Sex can be spectacular no matter who blasts off first, but there's good reason to try for the somewhat elusive synchronized O. According to a recent study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, concurrent climaxes during intercourse are associated with stronger relationships, more sizzling sex lives, and a happier outlook on life. "Plus, physically and emotionally, there may be a momentary loss of individual boundaries, a sense of truly becoming one with the other," explains study author Stuart Brody, Ph.D. 

Wegasm Challenge: Most guys are good to go in just a matter of minutes and usually are able to reach climax shortly thereafter. For women it can be a much bigger challenge both mentally and physically. Mentally a woman needs to be in the right mood and feel her emotional needs are being met;however, physically it can be a little tougher. The majority of women (75%) cannot achieve climax through intercourse alone, due to an under-stimulated clitoris in the most common intercourse positions. Anatomy works against us in this case. A woman’s clitoris is inside her labia, a man’s pelvis is flat;when the two surfaces meet, the existing gap results in a lack of direct pressure on the clitoris, making it almost impossible for a woman to reach orgasm.

Wegasm Realized: The FixSation Couple’s Vibe is hands-free and ergonomically designed to cradle the woman’s anatomy and fit flush against the man’s pelvis, thereby closing the gap that exists. Its curved exterior creates a slight rocking motion that utilizes partner pressure and movement for concentrated friction and vibration on the clitoris, while still allowing for uninterrupted penetration, as well as enhancing overall stimulation and increasing the opportunity for the woman to quickly and consistently reach orgasm with her partner!

Ask yourself this question… How often do you and your partner experience a Wegasm? If your answer is NOT ENOUGH, then it's time for FixSation! Our Couple’s Vibe is what you need to experience a synced-up grand finale that will have you both seeing stars in no time! 



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