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(Kicesie Drew is a well-known online personality, hosting "Kicesie's Sex Ed" on YouTube. With over 318 million views on YouTube, Kicesie is a go to source for all things love, relationships and sex ed)

FixSation Couples Vibe Review...

"If you're ready for a brand new approach to add a little spice to your sex life, FixSation is your answer. The quality of the FixSation Couples Vibe alone is impressive; let alone it’s inventiveness. From being easy to clean, its velvety-like finish, the simple on/off/speed controls, and the super sexy lingerie that accompany it, FixSation is unique, sexy and effective!


This is a perfect solution for the many ladies who write to me about their inability to orgasm except in very specific positions or who have yet to reach an orgasm during intercourse. With FixSation you can still enjoy the sweet embrace of making love, while enjoying an orgasm too!  


And the sensation for men is quite pleasurable as well. Most men who write to me want to know how to better please their ladies in bed, FixSation is your solution. Some men find vibrators intimidating because it feels like a replacement for their own parts; however, FixSation will help your lady orgasm while still requiring your participation. It’s the combination of the strategically placed vibration, with your bodies pressure and penetration that all work together to get her there quickly and consistently.  


I also highly suggest this toy for female couples.


This is a great device for people who have never used a vibe. But it's just as interesting, new and vital if you have a chest full of sex toys.


FixSation was created by a woman, for women. It is made of high quality materials, offers a great design, cradles the female anatomy, is easy to use, is rechargeable and has a 1-YR warranty. I can't think of much more I could be ask for in a sexual heath device.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate FixSation a 9.5!"

--Kicesie Drew     





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