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FixSation Couples Vibrator

Reviewed by Dan and Jennifer

The FixSation Couples Vibrator is an excellent solution to a long standing problem - how can women have more orgasms during sex with their partners? Some women resort to using big, bulky vibrators during sex, or beg their partners to give them oral sex before getting it on. Other women just give up and resort to either only having an orgasm during masturbation, or never having an orgasm at all! This product has the potential to solve this problem for many women, ending their sexual frustrations forever!

The Good

The FixSation Couples Vibrator is uniquely designed to be worn by a woman during sex - so this means it fits all of a woman's curves almost perfectly. This design makes it comfortable to wear, whether you're using it with a partner during sex or alone during masturbation. This vibrator is quiet and slim enough to wear out in public, under jeans or pants.

This product was made specifically to be worn by a woman during sexual intercourse. Many women have never reached orgasm at all during intercourse, while some do only occasionally. By far, women who can't reach orgasm during lovemaking with their partner outnumber the women who do. The FixSation Couples Vibrator gives a woman more stimulation to their clitoris during sex. Often, that extra "push" is all a woman needs to get to the big O. This new sex accessory has the potential to rekindle the fire in the sex lives of millions of couples by allowing women to experience orgasm during intercourse and allowing couples to achieve simultaneous orgasm, also called the "We-Gasm."

When purchasing the FixSation Couples Vibrator, consider getting the lingerie top companion. It makes the purchase a little more expensive, but is totally worth it. It matches the panties perfectly and looks great on. The top is made to flatter a variety of body types and is built so even body conscious women will feel comfortable and sexy wearing it. The top, vibe and panty companion makes for a nice little lingerie set to break out whenever you're feeling naughty or even to give as an intimate gift.


The Bad

There are very few "bad" things about the FixSation Couples Vibrator, but there are some things you want to keep in mind when purchasing this product.

First, the vibrations are not as strong as traditional clitoral vibrators. It wasn't made to - the vibrations are weaker on purpose, because this toy is designed primarily to be worn while having sex. When worn during intercourse, the vibrator is pushed up against the clitoris. If the vibrator was very strong, it would numb the clitoris during sex, thus making it completely ineffective for what it was designed to do. When worn during sex, this thing works!

The FixSation Couples Vibrator requires minimal assembly, but it can be a little tricky the first few times you put the vibrator on the panty. The hooks are small, so unless you absolutely have to take the vibrator off the panty once you get it strapped in, just leave it on there. You can easily slip the panty companion with vibrator attached on and off without a problem.

Also, the panty size tends to run a little small. If in doubt, order one size larger for comfort. Petite women may be able to order their correct size and be comfortable.

The Bottom Line

If you are a woman who has ever struggled to reach orgasm during sex - or you are a man looking for something to help your partner who struggles to reach orgasm - the FixSation Couples Vibrator is an absolute must have. If you want something that will help a woman to climax during intercourse, or something that will help you and your lover reach simultaneous orgasm (or the "We-Gasm"), you definitely want to add this to your sex toy collection. In fact, it may very well be the only thing you ever need again!

Detailed Review

The FixSation Couples Vibrator is an innovative sex toy that is unlike anything else on the market. If you’ve been looking for a couples vibrator that is easy to use, isn’t uncomfortable or ugly to wear, makes you feel sexy and spices up your sex life with your lover, look no further. They say the best things come in small packages, and that certainly holds true for this little guy. The FixSation Couples Vibrator is a sex toy that makes a fun and exciting addition to any toy box.

Wearing During Intercourse

The FixSation Couples Vibrator was specifically created for a man and a woman to wear while making love. The toy slips on the panty companion via two insertable straps, and is held in place over the woman’s clitoris by the panty. This actually makes it completely hands free, which is essential when keeping passion and spontaneity alive in the bedroom. The design of the product actually does not interfere at all with intercourse – a man can penetrate his partner without moving, bumping or shutting off the motor.

The vibrator is also designed not to be too strong when wearing during sex. Some “wearable” clitoris vibrators are way too intense to be worn while actually having sex. They’re great for masturbation, but end up being really uncomfortable to wear during intercourse. Also, the FixSation Couples Vibrator won’t bother your man either, like many other sex toys out there. He’ll feel the vibrations, but he won’t have the sense you’re wearing some strange contraption between your legs. This product is very slim, discreet and sexy to wear!

Wearing During Masturbation

Although the FixSation Couples Vibrator is designed to be used during intercourse, you can wear it during masturbation as well. The vibrations will be weaker, but it can be a great tease to build you up until your partner can finish you off!

Try wearing it to work one day – believe it or not, this toy IS quiet enough to wear in public? Probably not somewhere that is really, really quiet but a normal work environment or even the supermarket is a fun place to try out a secret exhibitionist fantasy. You can also plan a shopping trip to the mall while wearing your FixSation Couples Vibrator– let it tease you throughout your shopping trip, and when you get home to your lover, you’ll be ready to explode!

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